Our greatest asset

At Fylgia, we view our employees as our greatest asset. It is important for us to retain high quality knowledge and skills within the firm, therefore we offer good opportunities for professional and personal development.

In my capacity as an Associate at Fylgia, I experience continuous growth and development. This is facilitated by early exposure to responsibilities, enabling me to work autonomously on cases while benefiting from the guidance of seasoned and dedicated colleagues. It is an environment that genuinely fosters both personal and professional advancement.

Josefin Lind

What is interesting for us?

During recruitment we place importance on merit, experience and good references. However, our employees’ other interests and qualities beyond the law are also of importance to us. We also like to socialize together as a team.

Thanks to the knowledge of our partners and the dedication of our employees, we have created a strong community spirit and openness which benefits our employees and clients. We are constantly expanding and developing the firm with the recruitment of qualified staff.

To Apply:

Please send your application to Rosie Vilkman and enclose your grades and references.

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