Company Law

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Company Law

Company law is at the heart of a commercial law firm. Fylgia’s lawyers provide support for all kinds of company law issues.

We often work with the founding of a company, mergers, changes of ownership, company reconstructions, joint ventures and other joint enterprises as well as all kinds of registering required at the Bolagsverket (Swedish Companies Registration Office). We support company management in corporate governance questions and can take responsibility for connecting companies’ securities to Euroclear. We often participate in company AGM’s as chairperson and/or record the minutes as well as undertaking the tasks of company board members. We establish and administer incentive programmes and provide advice regarding investing in your company.

We offer company law services to all sectors, including both the private and public sector. Our clients range from sole traders to large financial sector actors and venture capitalists.

General Company Law and Setting Up a Company

We have a vast experience of helping our clients with the following:...

– Establishing a limited company, partnership, sole trader and association

– Share issues and other forms of capital formation

– Issue of debt instruments with options

– Employee incentive programmes

– Joint ventures and other joint enterprises

– Structuring and restructuring of companies and groups

– AGM’s and more

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Franchise Law

As the importance of company brands continues to increase, lawyers receive more and more questions regarding franchises...

and, in particular, under which conditions brand names can be used by others. We offer advice in this field to retailers and the restaurant sector, amongst others.

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Capital Formation

Our lawyers can assist in the effectuation of capital formation, in particular regarding the issuing of shares whether...

it be a new share issue, establishing a share option programme or other.

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Stock Exchange Rules

Fylgia advises on a range of issues regarding stock exchange rules to companies listed on the Stockholm exchange as well...

as other exchanges, and supports with transactions on exchanges.

In this field we offer advice regarding, inter alia, company AGM’s, new share issues and incentive programmes as well as company board questions. Fylgia also provides support to companies listing on a stock exchange.

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