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Commercial tech & IP

IT related law, copyright, brands and trademarks and other intellectual property law are key questions for most companies.

This is also the case for Fylgia’s lawyers. At Fylgia, we have a considerable experience dealing with such questions.

IT Law

All companies use IT support in some form. Many companies either have their core business in the IT sector or have their...

core business rely on IT support.

Fylgia’s lawyers often deals with the following issues:

– Licenses
– Maintenance
– System delivery
– Outsourcing
– Development cooperation
– Online services
– E-commerce
– Copyright and other intellectual property questions
– Handling personal information
– Domain names
– Trademark questions

Fylgia has a number of lawyers with a long experience working in the IT sector. Good knowledge of the sector and a quick insight and understanding of clients’ businesses comes naturally.

Through the international network Ecomlex, previous international work as well as many international clients, Fylgia has a well-established network of law firms across the globe for IT related and company law related questions. Fylgia can therefore offer excellent support to clients in cases in different jurisdictions.

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Data protection

The handling of personal data is governed mainly by GDPR and the Swedish Data Protection Act (2018:218). As the terms...

“personal data” and “handling” are given generous definitions by law, many companies and organisations are subject to this area of law. It may concern a company’s own handling of personal data of its employees, customers or suppliers. At Fylgia, we have a vast experience supporting clients in issues concerning the handling of personal data. It often concerns how personal data is used, whether personal data policies are complied with and dealing with various questions, as well as which information should be reported.

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Telecom Legislation

The market for electronic information has been deregulated. The communication of speech, music, pictures, texts and other...

data is becoming an ever more integrated part of the market. Despite this deregulation, there is a comprehensive and dynamic EU-based legal framework for electronic communication which for the most part is incorporated into Swedish law. Fylgia’s lawyers have the knowledge, industry expertise and can represent clients for all kinds of contractual questions as well as in relations between different operators. We also help in disputes as well as issues regarding permits and licenses, and relations with the supervisory authorities.

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Advertising Law

The regulations regarding how companies can market their goods and services are comprehensive. There is general advertising...

and promotion law as well as more specialist legislation with regard to the promotion of alcohol, gambling and lotteries plus direct marketing. Recently, even the advertising industry’s own self-regulating body has become increasingly important for companies’ marketing and promotional activities. In some cases, even the law related to a company’s name and image has become of importance to the marketing language and communication. Fylgia often supports clients when launching campaigns and competitions for all types of media. Today, social media plays an important role for companies’ marketing activities and Fylgia has experts who can advise with regard to the borderline and grey zone between advertising and providing information. Fylgia’s lawyers help companies with advisory and risk assessment services, in particular when those companies perceive their competitors’ own advertising to be unfair.

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Design Law

In today’s society, design is of great importance. As long and hard work often lies behind great design, designers should...

ensure to protect their designs for as long as possible. Pattern law is a form of design protection for how a product looks, or a part of how it looks. Fylgia can help companies not only with product protection but also optimizing the value of a design through, for example, licensing. Fylgia also represents clients regarding infringements of such designs and patterns.

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Trademark and Company Law

Trademarks and other core features and characteristics of a company are valuable assets. Fylgia offers business-focused...

advice to protect and exploit trademarks as well as representing clients whose trademarks are infringed. We also advise with company registrations and franchises.

We offer support with trademark applications:

– Swedish trademark application
– EU trademark application
– International trademark registration according to the Madrid Protocol

We also deal with objections or if PRV or the international registration authority has established barriers to the use of the trade mark.

It is essential to get information as early as possible regarding potentially unclear competing characteristics. We therefore offer a preview and continued monitoring of the brand if requested.

We also assist with the monitoring and commercialization of a company’s trademark by, for example:

– Trademark inventory
– Trademark license agreement
– Support with trademark infringement

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