Labour Law

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Labour Law

Labour law concerns issues regarding the relationship between employers and employees. These issues typically become relevant in company reconstructions, disciplinary measures, termination and initiation of company positions, and company transitions following mergers or acquisitions, as examples. The majority of companies which already employ or want to employee new people contact us concerning these issues.

Fylgia can help with all kinds of issues concerning labour law: termination of employment and terms and conditions for contracts for new employees, termination of employment due to personal reasons, redundancy and dismissal procedures, bankruptcy and confidentiality questions, breaches of the law regarding company secrets, leave of absence and the law regarding discrimination. Our labour law specialists have a vast experience in this field which extends beyond the realm of just legal questions. Labour law disputes between employers and employees can be lengthy, during which time the employer is often liable to continue paying a salary to the employee. It is also common that companies, before mergers or acquistions, review their personnel costs through an overview of, for example, employee contracts and pension agreements as part of the due diligence process. We, at Fylgia, enjoy helping with these matters.

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