Property and Environmental Law

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Property and Environmental Law

We have ten lawyers at Fylgia working with property law. Together, we have the skills necessary to cover the entire property and environmental law fields. We have the experience necessary to provide the support and advice demanded from various actors on the property market.

Lease Law

If land is made available with the right to build on it, or just use the land, and payment is made for this then it is...

a lease. The law provides that a lease is, in most cases, protected so the lease cannot be withdrawn without a valid reason.
The most common questions concern the right for the leaseholder to remain on the property and any possible economic compensation for, or reprieve from, being forced to vacate a property.

Fylgia helps with the termination of leases, negotiations between parties as well as representation in the District Court.
Lease law requires many forms and deadlines to be met for parties to obtain and maintain their legal rights. Receiving support in good time to meet these legal requirements is a precondition to successfully maintaining your rights, regardless whether you are a property owner looking to reclaim your land or a leaseholder looking to remain within the terms of the lease.

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Co-operative Housing

Co-operative housing associations create a range of complex questions whereby the board often requires specialist advice....

Co-operative housing legislation leaves many questions open to interpretation which can lead to a number of complex issues. Precedence in this area is limited and does not always provide the answer to a problem.

Many co-operative housing associations rent out commercial premises. Being a landlord requires a heavy economic responsibility to the tenant, and this often requires specialist advice to get the best contractual terms. Fylgia’s property department supports co-operative housing associations with rental law questions in the courts and tribunals.
Other issues for housing associations typically include renovations, agreements with contractors, transfers, association meetings, economic plans, water damage amongst others. Flygia has a vast experience in dealing with such questions.

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Property Transfers

Property transfers (or acquisitions) can look very different from one another. They can, for example, concern a private...

house, a rental property or commercial premises, or indeed an industrial property. The transfer can be the property itself or the company which owns the property. The transfer may involve first transferring the property to one of the seller’s own companies, which then transfers the property onward. The issues arising are varied and depend on many factors.

Such complex situations require a vast experience and knowledge regarding property law, environmental law, company law, company transfers and tax law, amongst others. Using Fylgia provides access to the competence and experience needed within this area.

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Problems in Properties

Fylgia’s specialists have a vast experience of issues regarding everything from commercial property law to privately-owned...

property. We offer legal advice regarding contractors, planning and construction questions, negotiating agreements as well as support in disputes between buyers and sellers of leases with representation in court or tribunals, amongst other issues.

We regularly receive requests for advice regarding problems in properties. These include disputes in court between buyers and sellers, for example questions of responsibility for surveyors following deficient carrying out of a survey. Our specialists often provide advice to buyers and sellers which leads to the avoidance of problems further down the line.

We also have a vast experience advising real estate agents with these issues.

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Rental Property Law

All questions regarding commercial rental property law are handled by Fylgia’s property group. Commercial property rental...

law is of great importance to property owners and tenants alike. For many businesses, the rental agreement is crucial as it sets conditions for a long period into the future. During the lifetime of an agreement, a number of issues can arise which are not covered by the agreement itself but still need to be resolved.

Fylgia’s lawyers have a vast experience providing advice regarding issues in the renting of premises, such as establishing and reviewing rental agreements, representation to the Housing Association Tribunal or the courts as well as disputes regarding compensation of different types e.g. extension of rental agreements or unreasonable rental conditions.

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Consultant Law

After many years providing advice to a number of insurance companies, Fylgia has a specialist knowledge which often connects...

insurance issues with consultant law.

We establish and review consultant agreements and represent in compensation disputes and insurance questions, amongst others. Fylgia has a vast experience in court litigation concerning consultants’ liabilities and damages.

We also offer courses and seminars upon request.

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Rights of Access

This area of law involves a person having access to land via the use of a right of access. Legal questions often arise...

concerning such easements.

Fylgia’s lawyers provide advice to owners of rights of access with general advice, establishment and review of rights of access agreements, compensation questions as well as participating in negotiations and representing clients to the relevant state authorities.

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Environmental Law

Any business activity which can damage or affect people’s health or the environment is liable to follow restrictions and...

take measures which are required to pre-empt, prevent or counter such damage. Many of these activities require reporting to, or permits from, relevant state authorities. The regulations are regularly amended and are, in many cases, governed by EU directive.

Common questions arising are permit details, pre-conditions to receiving a permit and liability for any possible pollution caused.

Fylgia can help with applications for permits, reporting environmentally damaging activities as well as dealing with the formalities with the relevant state authorities to ensure compliance with the regulations. Infringement of these regulations often invokes financial penalties, which means being in contact with the authorities in good time is required.

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Planning and Construction Legislation

We have a vast experience helping our clients with the following:...

– Planning permission questions
– Planning details
– Beach protection questions
– Construction fines
– Corrective and demolition injunctions
– Prospecting contracts
– Damages
– Street costs
– Negotiations with municipalities and other authorities.

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Special Issues

There are a number of specialist areas which we provide advice on:...

– Expropriation
– Registration of property
– Leasehold sites
– Easements

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