Taxation Law

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Taxation Law

Many of our clients use us as support in ongoing tax questions concerning their company, employees and owners.

Company issues can concern the company form, for example as a limited company, partnership, sole trader or association. We help with company transfers and reconstructions as well as successions in family firms. We are specialists in income tax, VAT and employers’ national insurance contributions regarding companies and private persons in both Sweden and internationally. Together with our international network, we are able to optimize the establishment of companies in Sweden and abroad. We assist with year-end tax returns for companies and private persons as well as perform tax audits, tax litigation, and deal with cases regarding company representatives and economic crime. We also provide training and education via seminars.

Economic Crime

Economic crime concerns bookkeeping crime, tax crime, bad debts and insider cimes. We help to ensure your rights are protected...

when issues of economic crime arise. Have you been given a supplementary tax charge resulting in a double fine? Is it possible to influence the choice between different penalties? Our experience of taking economic crime cases together with our experience and knowledge of taxes, company law and accounting ensures an excellent service to our clients.

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Family-owned Company Succession

Are you interested in leaving your company to your children or selling it externally? Do want to appoint your children...

or employees to become owners of the company to ensure a healthy future for your business? We can help you to achieve all that you envision.

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Ongoing Tax Advisory Services

Tax legislation is exceedingly complex which places high demands on both companies and private individuals. We strive...

to help our clients as early as possible in order to avoid the traps set by the tax regulations. A VAT error can lead to a hefty fine. A taxable benefit unaccounted for can lead to a nasty fine for both the company and individual concerned. If you are thinking of moving abroad, the assets you leave in Sweden and how often you return may impact your tax situation. Likewise, should you move back to Sweden and bring assets with you – your liability to tax maybe of importance. We often work as a soundboard for our clients’ various questions and issues and their tax-related consequences. We also support with year-end tax returns.

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For all kinds of owner-related reconstructions, tax is a central question. It may concern acquisitions or sales of companies,...

businesses and properties, share issues and liquidations. We help you achieve a tax-efficient outcome.

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Tax Litigation

We help you and your company in relation to the Tax Authority or in court. We have a vast experience dealing with tax...

questions in litigation. Which questions are dealt with by the Tax Authority and which by the court? What kind of, and how much, evidence is required and how do I reach the best outcome? Is it possible to get some kind of grace or respite during the proceedings? These are just some of the many questions we receive, and litigation can hugely affect a business as well as the lives of the individuals involved. Likewise, litigation can be a lengthy and costly process. We always perform a pre-litigation analysis and offer the best advice to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

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Tax Audit

What should you consider when you or your company is targeted for a tax audit by the Tax Authority? What rights and liabilities...

does the individual or company have? Likewise, what rights and liabilities does the Tax Authority have? We help you ensure that you are well-prepared to get the best results.

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