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Today, not many business activities go about their business without an international connection. Business partners, customers, suppliers and other parties are found all over the world resulting in both small and large Swedish companies often making agreements with foreign parties.

Fylgia’s lawyers work daily in the international arena. Providing advice, examining legal questions and interpreting agreements as well representing parties in negotiations and disputes are all at the core of Fylgia’s business. Fylgia’s clients include everyone from closed companies with local business activities to listed parent companies operating internationally to public sector companies who provide services to international actors. Our international clients include, amongst others, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, Microsoft Corporation, IT and gaming companies based in Malta and various US IT firms. We frequently cooperate with law firms abroad – in the EU, Asia and the USA. Through these various assignments and cooperation, Fylgia’s lawyers have developed a multifaceted experience of international corporate law.

Over the years, Fylgia has built a comprehensive contact network with law firms in different countries and are – beyond the personal contacts already developed – involved in several international bodies such as International Business Law Consortium, Ecomlex, ITechLaw Association and the International Union of Commercial Agents and Brokers. Furthermore, through our cooperation partners in, for example, Silicon Valley we have helped Swedish companies establish themselves in California and vice versa, likewise helped with outsourcing the whole or parts of companies or production abroad. This has lead to the build up of close cooperation with leading law firms in various countries.

With a good overview of the market and a broad experience of different types of financial transactions, we can also advise in strategic and structural questions as well as advise on financial instruments. Fylgia has provided legal advice to international actors regarding financial instruements, buy and sell options, warrants and certificates.

Besides English, a number of our lawyers speak German, French and Polish.

Fylgia is represented in the international network International Business Law Consortium (IBLC) and Ecomlex Fylgia is also a member of International Technology Law Association (ITECHLAW)

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