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The disposition of Karlssonlager AB

Karlssonlager AB was declared bankrupt by the Gotland District Court on February 8, 2024. Attorney Bo Söder has been appointed as the trustee in bankruptcy for the company. The bankruptcy estate hereby offers Karlssonlager AB’s café and restaurant business, known as “Baksidan,” for sale.

Karlssonlager AB has operated its café and restaurant business from its leased premises at Adelsgatan 38 in Visby, Gotland. “Baksidan” is located in a beautiful 18th-century building with a long history as a restaurant and café. Previous businesses such as “Skafferiet,” “Tuppen,” and “Coq & Vin” have operated in this historic building, contributing to its rich heritage and diversity.

Bo Söder is a lawyer and partner at the law firm Fylgia with extensive and longstanding experience in the field of bankruptcy and insolvency.

The tender documentation can be downloaded via the form below.

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