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The business began in 1986 and we took the name Fylgia in 1991. Fylgia is the name of the Nordic god who acts as a personal guardian. We are always on your side of the table, part of your team. We see ourselves as your partner for legal questions.

Our primary aim is to always be at hand for our clients, and to then be their guide through the legal minefield.

Anders Aspegren,
Lawyer & Partner

Fylgia’s History

Fylgia was founded on 1 September 1986 after the merger of Åbjörnsson & Rausing Advokatbyrå AB and G. Grönbergs Advokatbyrå AB. The new firm took the name Åbjörnsson & Wallander Advokatbyrå AB.

At the start of 1991 the growing firm found some fine premises at Hamngatan 2 at Nybroplan. The building had previously hosted the insurance firm Fylgia, which was part of the Trygg Hansa group in the 1970’s. The name Fylgia was inscripted above the door entry of the building.

Before 1 January 1991 a law firm could not have any other name than the names of the lawyers of the firm. When the Bar Association repealed this rule, Fylgia was one of the first firms to have an imaginary name. From the beginning of 1991, the firm has been called Advokatfirman Fylgia AB.

After some years, the law firm Fylgia outgrew its location and Nybrogatan 11 became Fylgia’s new address on 1 August 1999. Within six months of the move, Falks Advokatbyrå, located in the same building, joined the law firm Fylgia.

The firm has continued to grow, and today holds two and a half floors at the address. Fylgia is the name of the mythical Nordic god who stands for personal protection. Someone who is on your side. This is how we see ourselves, as a legal guide for you and your company.

At Fylgia, we have no limits for our business activities. Our clients can be found in a wide range of areas and sectors where we act as advisors on both legal and strategic issues. Fylgia represents both small and large companies, clients who work nationally and internationally, and we offer a comprehensive contact network across the globe.

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Our Cornerstones

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    A Step Ahead

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    Client in Focus

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    Your business

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    With You The Whole Way

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    A Step Ahead

    A Step Ahead. At Fylgia we are proactive, and advise and update you on new legislation in a timely manner. After that, it is of course for you to decide how you wish to use our services.
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    Client in Focus

    Client in Focus. At Fylgia you as the client and your needs always come first. We know that accessibility is highly important to you. When you contact us, you should be confident that we always have your best interests at heart.
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    Your business

    Your business. We understand our clients’ needs and businesses, and work to maximize the benefit to your business. We can guide you through the legal minefields so that you can focus on your business.
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    With You The Whole Way

    With You The Whole Way. As your legal partner we can assist you with any legal issues affecting your business. We are with you the whole way no matter what challenges your business faces and can advise you to ensure your needs are met.

We Don't See Barriers

At Fylgia we don’t see barriers for our business. Our clients can be found in a whole range of industries and sectors where we act as advisers in both legal and strategic business issues.

We are large enough to provide you, the client, with a full service for all you legal questions, yet we are not so big that we’ve forgotten the importance of personal service and knowledge of your business.

We often work as “in-house lawyer” to our clients and have many long-lasting relationships with them. We aim to understand you and your business in order to tailor our legal advice to meet the needs of you and your company.

Fylgia provides services to international clients and offers a comprehensive contact network worldwide.

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