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One of Fylgia’s initiatives: empowering businesses to adapt

Fylgia enhances professional development by actively supporting businesses and organisations in adapting to current and emerging regulations, trends, and challenges. This ensures the expertise of decision-makers and the long-term success and sustainability of operations.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying informed about global developments and adopting proactive strategies is crucial for businesses to prepare for future scenarios. Fylgia possesses a wide range of specialist knowledge in various areas of business law, emphasising the importance of knowledge sharing to aid our clients’ success. Our legal experts frequently share their insights at both public and private lectures and seminars.

Open lectures on construction, consulting law, and public procurement

Bygg & Breakfast is a complimentary lecture series targeting professionals in the consulting and construction sectors. Held quarterly, these sessions cover topical issues in construction, consulting law, and public procurement, complemented by an enjoyable breakfast. Stay informed about Bygg & Breakfast by registering here.

Courses available through our partners

Liquidation and Corporations

Lawyers Göran Mandorff and Bo Söder have introduced an online micro-course together with Srf consultants, focusing on the liquidation of corporations. The course outlines the necessary considerations for dissolving a corporation, the process involved, and the implications of liquidation. You can access the course through Srf consultants’ website.

The Srf consultants’ website also features additional courses by Göran and Bo, including an online course on corporate board responsibilities and a supplementary legal course on commercial law, offered biannually in January and August.

Avoiding disputes with subcontractors

Lawyers Madelene Andersson and Erika Wallin recently analysed subcontractor agreements AB-U 07 and ABT-U 07 in a webinar. Available for viewing on Blendow Lexnova, this webinar provides recommendations for effective subcontractor engagement and strategies to reduce dispute risks.

Visit Blendow Lexnova to access other webinars by Madelene and Erika.

Participating in our educational offerings not only equips businesses with valuable business law insights but also provides practical tools for addressing both present and future challenges.

For inquiries about seminars, courses, or to book our legal experts as speakers, please contact Basak Öztürk at [email protected].

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