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Fylgia högt rankad bland de ledande svenska advokatbyråerna i Legal500 2022

EMEA leading firm 2022Fylgia has been highly ranked in 5 key categories of the latest edition of the Legal 500. The quality of our leading lawyers has been recognized in this leading global directory and a total of 10 lawyers from the firm have been listed as recommended individuals in their fields. In addition we are happy to announce that our Partner Martin Gynnerstedt once again has been ranked as a Next generation Partner within the practice area IT and telecoms.

Fylgia would like to thank all our clients and co-operation partners for giving us such positive feedback.


In summary the rankings provide as follows

Fylgias lawyers has been highly ranked and recommended in the following 5 practice areas:
Commercial, Corporate and M&A
Data privacy and data protection
IT and telecoms
Public Procurement

10 lawyers are recommended in The Legal 500 (listed below).

Mattias Larsson

‘People, trust and transparency is 100%.’
‘They were interested, responsive and very good support all the way, which made us feel safe and secure.’
‘Superior availability and excellent legal adviser.’
‘Perfectly composed team – engagement, competence, experience, unformal and always available. Obvious positive difference compared to many of the largest firms.’
‘In my opinion they have a great balance in their team. From the more standard services to the deepest of knowledge. It is not about billing, technology or the like – it is about truly great people.’
‘M&A’s leading partner, Mattias Larsson provided us with splendid professional advice. His dedication to our project was outstanding.’
‘Good industry knowledge, pragmatic and available with good understanding of the clients needs.’
‘Mattias Larsson is an excellent negotiator, commercial, committed and available also with drafts.’

Martin Gynnerstedt

 ‘Excellent collaboration and providing highly qualified associates to head projects together with in-house legal counsel.’
‘Specific data privacy/data protection expertise, expertise with EU-GDPR and Swedish law and regulation.’
 ‘Good industry knowledge. Excellent at doing business. They produce high quality advice that provides pragmatic solutions. They always get the work done with the timeframes. They provide good value for money.’
‘Martin Gynnerstedt has been impressive. He is very responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. He is an asset to the team and never lets me down.’
‘Martin Gynnerstedt at Fylgia has been our main contact, and he has truly stood out in the way he has combined his knowledge in the practice with our business challenges providing advice and strategy opportunities in a way that we have not seen before.’


Jakob Callmander
Lars Nylund
Johan Norén
Mathias Winge
Thomas Ehrnér

Pleasant to work with and you feel in safe hands.’
‘Jakob Callmander is very pleasant and professional. Extremely good at making you feel safe as a foreign client in Sweden.’
‘Availability and ability to quickly give excellent advice in complex matters.’
‘Their strength in the insolvency field is their size and number of trustees.’
 ‘Matthias Winge and Thomas Ehrner are very good.’
‘Experienced traditional insolvency team with strong administrative resources. Good firm to work with for local/domestic insolvency.’
‘I mainly work with partner Mathias Winge, an experienced and easy-going insolvency lawyer.’

Martin Gynnerstedt, Next generation Partner

‘They produce high-quality advice that provides pragmatic solutions.’
‘They always get the work done within the time frames that I specify and are a joy to work with.’
‘Martin Gynnerstedt has been impressive; he is very responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.’
‘Martin Gynnerstedt is an asset to the team and never lets me down.’
 ‘What is really different with the team at Fylgia is that we are directly working with very senior and experienced legal experts.’

Fredrik Winroth
Markus Garfvé
Björn Karlsson

‘Fredrik Winroth is always efficient, funny, sharp and gives comprehensive business-minded advice. We worked with Markus Garfvé, Fredrik Winroth and Björn Karlsson and are impressed by the quality of service. Excellent value.’
‘Fylgia has a deep knowledge regarding Public Procurement issues and challenges. When creating proposals for the Public Sector you have to understand specific details, read between the lines and be skilled in knowing the wording to use. Fylgia supports in a perfect way. When it comes to appeals, Fylgia uses the same extensive competence.’
‘Markus Garfvé is the person most contacted. He is thorough, quick and skilled. Situations where we have decided that he must take the discussion with the client directly it always turns out positively. For situations where we have the contacts with the client on our own, we are always pre-supported with good arguments.’
‘One thing that is really unique with this firm is that they write short and concisely in a language that makes it easy for me as a non-legally trained person to follow their discussion. This is of high importance for me as it I can proofread it quickly and easily and approve or come up with suggestions or corrections.’
‘They are fast and positive to work with! I know I have several times asked them to go that extra mile in terms of short deadlines or asked them for help outside of business hours. They are always positive and have never disappointed me.’



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