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This year, the law firm Fylgia has expanded its international involvement and cooperation by becoming a member of the ALFA International network. ALFA International is one of the largest global networks of law firms and is highly ranked in Chambers.

“Since 2018, Fylgia’s strategy has been to increase our international exposure as a result of our clients’ needs for assistance in other jurisdictions. We are looking forward through ALFAI to meeting and building relationships with well-respected attorneys worldwide who can help us achieve our goal,” said Fredrik Winroth, Managing Partner at Fylgia.

Jessica Zaroski Bauer, ALFAI’s CEO, said, “We are excited to have Fylgia join in Sweden as we continue our focus on expanding ALFAI’s international presence. Fylgia is a great fit for our network as they understand that a high degree of professionalism, quick response time and extraordinary attention to detail are the key elements our clients expect from ALFAI members.”

Fylgia has named Anneli Lönnborg and Fredrik Winroth as its main ALFAI Contact Partners.

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