EU and Competition Law

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EU and Competition Law

For most kinds of commercial contracts, such as within a company transfer, it is important to have a competition law assessment. When private companies contract, or have other business agreements, with public sector bodies, it is often necessary to review and advise regarding competition rules such as in the rules for receiving state support.

Fylgia’s EU and competition law specialists have a vast experience advising on competition law questions such as reviews of contracts for companies of differing sizes and in various sectors. Our lawyers also handle cases regarding anti-competition issues for state-owned enterprises.

We offer advice and support with the following:

– Competition law and anti-competitive practices and abuse of dominant position

– Review of commercial contracts

– Representation in court, or to the competition authorities with regard to mergers and acquisitions as well as cartel investigations and applications for concessions

– Issues regarding the provision of state support as well as representation in court or to government authorities

– Anti-competition issues for state-owned enterprises

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