Contract Law

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Contract Law

Contract law includes both consumer contracts and commercial contracts.

In consumer contracts, rights and obligations are regulated in the Consumer Services Act, and sometimes special standard agreements are also made for new construction of detached houses (ABS 18) or renovation work (Craftsman form 17). In commercial contract law, the parties often agree that the standard agreement AB 04 or ABT 06 must be applied to the contractual relationship, as those standard agreements exist to be applied within construction and installation contracts. In the case of subcontracts, AB-U 07 or ABT-U 07 are often applied, which are specially designed to be applied when AB 04 or ABT 06 has been agreed higher up in the contract chain. In addition, there are several different contract law instruments that the parties can agree on, such as measurement and compensation rules (MER) and various general materials and work descriptions (AMA).


The standard commercial agreements AB 04 and ABT 06 regulate rights and obligations between the parties but are not comprehensive. It is therefore important to draw up and include contract documents that are specifically adapted to the contract in question. It is common for the parties to disagree on matters relating to the scope of the contractual commitment, amendment, and additional work (ÄTA), obstacles and grounds for time extension and whether there are errors in the work performed.


Our services include

  • Establishment of construction contracts and administrative regulations
  • Review of contract documents
  • Support and legal guidance during the contract period
  • Construction disputes in general court and in arbitration


Our collective expertise

Fylgia’s lawyers have extensive experience within the construction sector’s various standard agreements and can help you review or draw up construction contracts, review requested documents, assess risks and be a sounding board throughout the construction process, as well as represent you in the event of a dispute. Fylgia’s specialists in the field have a well-developed collaboration with technical consultants who assist with investigative work and expert competence in disputes. Fylgia represents clients as well as contractors and subcontractors.

Fylgia’s specialists also hold courses, training courses and seminars for those who want to learn about contract law and tailor the training to suit your wishes and needs.

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